New International Partnership Established to Increase the Use of Energy Storage in Developing Countries (ESMAP)

On the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial and 4th Mission Innovation Ministerial, a new international partnership was established to help expand the deployment of energy storage and bring new technologies to developing countries’ power systems.

The Energy Storage Partnership (ESP) comprises the World Bank Group and 29 organizations working together to help develop energy storage solutions tailored to the needs of developing countries.

To enable the rapid uptake of variable renewable energy in developing countries, the WBG is convening an Energy Storage Partnership (ESP) that will foster international cooperation on:

  • Technology Research Development & Demonstration, Applications
  • System Integration and Planning Tools
  • Policies, Regulations and Procurement
  • Enabling Systems for Management and Sustainability

By connecting stakeholders and sharing international experiences in deploying energy storage solutions, the ESP will help bring new technological and regulatory solutions to developing countries, as well as help develop new business models that leverage the full range of services that storage can provide.

For more information, please refer to the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program website through the following link.