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The Green Fiscal Policy Network works to facilitate knowledge sharing and dialogue on fiscal policies for an inclusive green economy.

IMF Special Series on Fiscal Policies to Respond to COVID-19 – Greening the Recovery
Fiscal policy across the globe is rightly focused on fighting the COVID-19-induced economic crisis. But the climate change crisis remains, as does the need for decisive policy action to address it. Indeed, decisions taken now to address the COVID-19 crisis may shape the climate, and human health, for decades.
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Green Stimulus Index – An assessment of the orientation of COVID-19 stimulus in relation to climate change, biodiversity and other environmental impacts
Over the past 2 months the world has witnessed unprecedented government financial interventions in response to Covid-19.The coronavirus shows us that our fate is inextricably linked to that of the natural world, and governments have the opportunity and responsibility to ensure short-term emergency measures lead to a better more resilient future. The Green Stimulus Index examines 11 major economies to assess the green vs. brown orientation of their stimulus funding.
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