Dutch Government push for EU-Wide Aviation Tax

Inspiring action from the Dutch government that, given the absence of an agreement at the European Union level, will seek agreement to impose a tax on the aviation sector with countries concerned about the current model of transportation tax, which does not reflect the detrimental environmental impact of flying.

The Dutch government will introduce a bill for its own national flight tax of €7 ($7.90) per departing passenger, with an exemption for transfer passengers, to begin January 1, 2021, if no international agreement is reached. Cargo will also be taxed, at a rate of €3.85 per ton for the noisiest aircraft, falling to €1.925 for quieter aircraft types, according to a government press release dated May 14.

The Netherlands will host an international conference on the 20 and 21 of June, to explore the possibility of introducing an aviation tax or carbon pricing. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for further discussions on these important issues. Political representatives and experts from several European countries will be present as well as officials and experts from the European Commission and several intergovernmental organizations including the International Monetary Fund.

More details can be found on Matt Thompson’s article “Dutch Push EU-Wide Aviation Tax to Fight Pollution” through the following link.

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