Handbook of Green Finance

The recently published Handbook of Green Finance (2019) deals with various financial instruments, policies and strategies in a policy-oriented approach for financing green energy projects.

Many developed and developing economies still follow pro-coal energy policies, and fossil fuels still dominate energy investments. This threatens the expansion of green energy, which is needed if the world is to meet energy security, climate and clean-air goals.

The handbook highlights the importance of finance as an engine of development of infrastructural projects, and the many ways it can create opportunities for new green projects.

New financial instruments and policies such as green bonds, green banks, carbon market instruments, fiscal policy, green central banking, fintech, and community-based green funds are among the chief components that make up green finance.

In the book, several chapters are dedicated to fiscal policy and the implications and impact they have on Green Finance and Investment.

To access the handbook please refer to the following link.