Five Ways to Address Fossil Fuel Subsidies Through the WTO and International Trade Agreements

20 June 2017 – This blog by Peter Wooders (IISD) and Cleo Verkuijl(SEI) discusses the outcomes of a recent workshop at the WTO which explored the potential of trade agreements to catalyze fossil fuel subsidy reform. Participants at the workshop found there is significant scope for the WTO and international trade agreements to complement and strengthen reform efforts already supported through a range of international forums, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the G20 and APEC. Five avenues to address fossil fuel subsidies within the international trading system were identified at the workshop: 1) Promote capacity building and technical cooperation; 2) Enhance transparency; 3) Adopt subsidy reform pledges and ensure credible follow-up through reporting and review; 4) Clarify the interpretation of existing rules; and 5) Make changes to existing rules. Read the full article on the website of the Stockholm Environment Institute