Manual for the Open Upstream Gas and LNG Model (CCSI)

With the new gas discoveries in East Africa and in the Levantine Basin comes the need to better understand the gas value chain and how to structure complex and capital intensive Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects for the benefit of the country. Having a fiscal model is key to enable this understanding,  enabling the government to    assess    the    impact    of  negotiated    fiscal    terms    on    the    returns    to    the    investor    and    the    revenues    to    the    government. Thomas Mitro of the University of Houston and the Columbia    Center    on    Sustainable    Investment    at    Columbia    University (CCSI) have built the first open fiscal LNG model that allows users to test different LNG commercial structures, compare domestic gas use options and assess the impact of various fiscal tools along the gas value chain. This manual has been developed to explain some concepts of the LNG value chain and how these can be tested in the model. It is available to download on CCSI’s website.