Irish Budget 2020: introducing NOx emissions tax and increasing carbon taxes

8 October 2019: Delivered to the Dáil by the Minister for Finance on Tuesday, October 8, the Budget 2020 includes a new tax based on a vehicle’s nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, that will be applied to new car purchases and used imports from January 1. This new tax comes alongside an increase in the carbon tax by €6 per tonne, hiking up the tax to €26 per tonne, and adding approximately €2.10 to the cost of a 40kg bag of coal; 45 cents to a bale of briquettes; and 5.3 cents to a liter of diesel. The increase represents the first step of the Government’s plan to ultimately bring the charge from €20 per tonne to €80 in 2030. Read the full article on the Irish Times website.