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Fisheries are a classic example of the tragedy of the commons: property rights tend to be incomplete and access open, with overexploitation the result. Green fiscal reform can address these problems by assigning property rights, putting a price on fisheries access and reforming subsidies that encourage unsustainable practices.

Potentials of Blue Economy in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has immense potential to utilize the Blue Economy concept for the betterment of its economy. To attain the expected goal different stakeholders should work together. Some recommendations can be drawn below for the useful implementation of the Blue Economy concept in our country.

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Can WTO stop fishing subsidies and protect our marine environment?

Every year, governments pay billions of dollars to their fishing industries to carry on fishing even though stocks are seriously depleted. The Geneva-based World Trade Organisation (WTO) is holding a ministerial conference on July 15 to seek an agreement on banning harmful fisheries subsidies, a main factor in overfishing.

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Overfishing Update

Overfishing negatively impacts sustainable fisheries, livelihood and world fish stocks. These unsustainable practices threaten local biodiversity and food security in many places around the world. Discover what organizations in Geneva

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