Australia’s bushfires to cost the Government billions, but are there funding alternatives?

On Monday, Australia’s prime minister Morrison announced the creation of a National Bushfire Recovery Agency, initially funded to the tune of USD 1.4 billion over a two-year period. However, the money could fall short of the recovery effort needed as the bushfire smoke alone costs Sydney between USD 8.3 million and USD 34.5 million a day, according to SGS Economics and Planning. Although PM Morrison has claimed that “if further funds are required, further funds will be provided,” some researchers are not convinced that the ad hoc measures will be enough if not accompanied by further climate policies. The Australia Institute has called on the creation of a National Climate Disaster Fund, which would be financed by a USD 1 levy for every tonne of CO2 resulting from the production of coal, gas and oil in the country. The levy could raise around USD 1 billion a year and shift the economic burden from regular tax payers to the fossil fuel industry. To read the full article, refer to Climate Home News Website.