Mali’s new law imposes a higher tax on gold mining and creates a regional development fund

8 October 2019: Mali’s long-awaited mining reforms passed by ordinance in August include a higher tax on gold mining, with the main purpose of allowing the government to capture a larger share of the gold exports revenue. The legislation effectively creates a...

UBS survey reveals: ‘flight shame’ and taxes could halve growth in passenger numbers

2 October 2019: When calculating the growth in the aviation industry, the Swiss bank UBS, took into account increases in flight taxes and feelings of flight shame, captured by its 6,000 respondent survey and estimated annual growth in the aviation industry of 1.5% in...

Conservation finance: Costa Rica’s reforestation success

10 October 2019: The Latin American nation has undertaken serious measures to rebuild its natural environment over the last three decades. Paid for in part by a fuel tax and in part by the fiscal space created by previous policies, Costa Rica’s approach of active...

Travel firm urges the UK government to raise environmental taxes on aviation

8 October 2019: Responsible Travels says that the Air Passanger Duty (ADP) for flyng from airports in the UK should increase sharply, particularly for domestic flights and travel in any class other than basic economy. The agency’s chief executive, Justin Francis,...

UK government rejects MP’s calls to stop spending billions on overseas fossil fuel projects 

2 October 2019: The UK Export Finance (UKEF), a government body that underwrites loans and insurance to help British firms secure business abroad, had spent £2.6bn in the last five years supporting global energy exports; of this amount, £2.5bn went to fossil fuel...

What are Green Fiscal Policies?

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IMF Podcast: How Green Fiscal Policies Can Help Save the Planet

Dr. Andrew Steer from the World Resources Institute discusses fiscal policies as a way of implementing climate change strategies

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