Experts address Southeast-Asian dependance on coal during the Asian Clean Energy Summit and offer solutions

5 November 2019: Speaking last week at the Asian Clean Energy Summit, part of Singapore International Energy Week 2019, experts have said that Southeast Asia’s fast-growing economies need to abandon generous subsidies for fossil fuels if the region is to make the...

Words ‘fossil fuels’ find their place in US politcal debates

1 November 2019: In CNN’s recent climate crisis town hall, fossil fuels—and the industry that produces them—were mentioned 153 times. In particular, US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pledged to end fossil fuel subsidies and provide a just transition for...

Cuts in energy subsidies and expansion of solar and wind power driving Egypt’s energy transformation

1 November 2019: The government has recently slashed energy subsidies as part of a series of fiscal reforms, reducing public spending on subsidies from a high of 5.9% of GDP in FY 2013/14 to 2.4% in FY 2017/18. In addition, Egypt has set targets to increase...

Slovenia chooses 19 facilities to enter RES/CHP support scheme

5 November 2019: The Slovenian Energy Agency has completed the latest selection of electricity generation facilities to be included in the support scheme (receiving EUR 10 million in subsidies) for renewable energy sources (RES) and high-efficiency cogeneration...

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission critiques new study for “overestimating effects of carbon pricing”

5 November 2019: This week the Conference Board of Canada released an analysis of the impacts of carbon pricing on Canadian industry called Tipping the Scales: Assessing carbon competitiveness and leakage potential for Canada’s EITEIs. The report explains and...

What are Green Fiscal Policies?

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IMF Podcast: How Green Fiscal Policies Can Help Save the Planet

Dr. Andrew Steer from the World Resources Institute discusses fiscal policies as a way of implementing climate change strategies

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