Government of Ireland unveil their Climate Action Plan

The Government of Ireland revealed their Climate Action Plan 2019 to tackle Climate Breakdown. The plan consist of 183 actions to support the government’s commitment to a “net zero carbon energy systems objective”. The key features of this novel plan include a...

Dutch Government push for EU-Wide Aviation Tax

Inspiring action from the Dutch government that, given the absence of an agreement at the European Union level, will seek agreement to impose a tax on the aviation sector with countries concerned about the current model of transportation tax, which does not reflect...

New International Partnership Established to Increase the Use of Energy Storage in Developing Countries (ESMAP)

On the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial and 4th Mission Innovation Ministerial, a new international partnership was established to help expand the deployment of energy storage and bring new technologies to developing countries’ power systems. The Energy Storage...

South Africa signs Carbon Tax into Law

South Africa signed the Carbon Tax into law, which has been under discussion since 2010. The goal is to “provide for the imposition of a tax on the carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions; and to provide for matters connected therewith”. Most of...

E-learning course “Introduction to Sustainable Finance” (GIZ, SEB & PAGE)

Private capital mobilisation through sustainable finance instruments is crucial to achieve the unprecedented transformation needed to attain the SDGs and the commitments to the Paris Agreement. The sustainable finance market is growing. For...

What are Green Fiscal Policies?

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