E-learning course “Introduction to Sustainable Finance” (GIZ, SEB & PAGE)

Private capital mobilisation through sustainable finance instruments is crucial to achieve the unprecedented transformation needed to attain the SDGs and the commitments to the Paris Agreement. The sustainable finance market is growing. For...

Environmental Fiscal Reform in Chile: A way forward for Developing Countries

Rodrigo Pizarro, ex-head of the Division of Environmental Economics of the Ministry of Environment of Chile, explains Chile´s environmental fiscal reform strategy, which  could represent a way forward for many developing and middle-income countries in their...

The Belt and Road Initiative launch an International Coalition for Green Development

A coalition devoted to integrating economic, social and environmental considerations into the Belt and Road Initiative was launched this week. UN Environment and the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment are leading the Coalition, through which they seek to...

South Africa’s parliament publishes draft rules for its collection and administration Carbon Tax

It has been previously reported that in February 2019, the National Assembly of South Africa passed a Carbon Tax Bill to “provide for the imposition of a tax on the carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions; and to provide for matters connected...

Shipping companies unite in letter to IMO Members States stressing the urgent need for shipping to make contribution to addressing climate change

On the 30th of April, the chief executives of 107 shipping companies signed an open letter to IMO Member States in support of the proposal to slow down ships to cut carbon emissions. A 12% reduction in at-sea average speed, known as “slow steaming,” can lead to an...

What are Green Fiscal Policies?

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