51 Finance Ministries Re-Commit to Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action in Madrid

09 December 2019: This week in Madrid, 51 finance ministries restated their committment to fighting climate change together through the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action. The Coalition looks to make further progress on its objectives, which include...

Opinion: Carbon markets will not help stop climate change

13 December 2019: Dennis Clare, the president of the Institute for Energy and Climate Strategies and an adviser to SIDS at COP25, writes from Madrid that a major stumbling block has been agreeing on the rules for carbon trading established under Article 6 of the...

(Podcast) IMF’s Ian Parry: Why the carbon tax makes sense

In this podcast, Ian Parry, IMF's principal environmental fiscal policy expert, argues no environmental policies are more effective than carbon taxes. Mr. Parry says carbon taxes promote a full range of business- and individual-level responses for reducing...

New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies

New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade launched a video on the "cheapest thing the world could do to reduce climate-change emissions"--phasing out fossil fuel subsidies. David Parket, Minister for Trade and Export Growth and Vangelis Vitalis, the Deputy...

Chile’s Protests Offer Lessons on Social Inequality and Climate Action

27 November 2019: The simple fact that the popular uprising in Chile was triggered by a fare increase for probably one of the "greenest" metros in the world shines the spotlight on linkages between climate change and equity. In a recent WRI article, Mathilde Bouye...

What are Green Fiscal Policies?

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IMF Podcast: How Green Fiscal Policies Can Help Save the Planet

Dr. Andrew Steer from the World Resources Institute discusses fiscal policies as a way of implementing climate change strategies

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