Stockholm +50 Supports Fiscal Incentives Such as Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Scaling Up Financing for Environment, and More

Delegates and stakeholders attending Stockholm+50 have called for commitment to address global environmental concerns, and for a just transition to sustainable economies. The two-day conference concluded with a statement from co-hosts Sweden and Kenya, prepared as a summation of issues and ideas brought up by member states and stakeholders through the meeting’s plenaries and leadership dialogues.

The statement contains several recommendations for an actionable agenda, including adopting systemwide changes in the way the current economic system works, and accelerate transformations of high impact sectors. One focus area was the importance of reducing fossil fuel consumption. To this end, emphasis was placed on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies. For example, there were calls from the floor calling for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and strong calls to end the expansion of fossil fuels.

Here are a collection of resources that summarise aspects of the Stockholm +50 conference:

  1. Stockholm+50 Agenda for Action, Renewal and Trust – Outputs and outcomes
  2. Stockholm+50 calls for just transition to sustainable economies
  3. Financing for Environment Must Be Massively Scaled Up to Reverse Harmful Business Trends, Speakers Say as Stockholm+50 Leadership Dialogue Concludes
  4. IISD Summary report, 2–3 June 2022