Role of Ministries of Finance in driving and shaping the low-carbon transition

In January 2023, the Smith School and the Swedish Energy Agency are launching a major international report on the role of ministries of finance in driving and shaping the low-carbon transition. Ministries of Finance have a pivotal role to play in unlocking the required investment and innovation to achieve Net Zero. This report seeks to evaluate how they can harness their existing mandate to better drive and shape a low-carbon transition.

The report, which represents a collaboration between scholars from Oxford and LSE, including input from Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Professor Mariana Mazzucato will:

  • Underline the criticality of Ministries’ of Finance mandate to low-carbon policy interventions
  • Highlight how their current approaches and tools can be refined to better drive climate action
  • Advocate for the acceleration and expansion of action by Ministries of Finance
  • Outline recommendations for how Ministries of Finance can refine their existing approach to accelerate action and better manage the policy trade-offs

Click here for the report and the report launch video.