Reconciling Carbon Pricing and Energy Policies in Developing Countries – Integrating Policies for a Clean Energy Transition (PMR)

The focus of the Report Reconciling Carbon pricing and Energy Policies in Developing Countries is how the objective of reducing emissions can be pursued alongside the priorities reflected in the energy policies of developing countries. The Report for Practitioners summarizes the Report’s main findings 4 and is split into three parts: part one examines interactions between climate and energy policies and related challenges and opportunities; some interactions are positive, some are negative. Part two focuses on the potential conflicts between carbon pricing on existing energy policy instruments, and the way to reconcile them through adjustments to either carbon pricing or energy policy instruments; part three outlines the options for ensuring the full integration of carbon and energy policies and instruments to accelerate low-carbon development; and Finally, the conclusion includes a practical Roadmap for climate and energy practitioners, which translates the Report’s main findings into to a set of actionable guiding principles. By providing a practical guidance to the practitioners, the Roadmap is expected to further facilitate the reconciliation of carbon pricing and energy policy and ultimately ensure their effective implementation.

To acces the full report, please refer to the PMR website.