How Climate Action Is Good for the United States Economy: Success of carbon pricing and importance of wind energy taxes

25 November 2019: A new article by the World Resources Institute outlines 12 reasons why climate action is positive for the U.S. economy on the whole. In terms of fiscal improvements, the article lists benefits of carbon pricing and taxes paid by wind farms. Carbon pricing, which has so far been implemented in 10 U.S. states, has brought net economic benefits to all of them. An important element of its success has been using the revenues for energy efficiency, renewable energy projects, electricity consumer bill assistance, education and job training programs. Another important source of climate action has come from wind energy taxes and royalties. In 2018 alone, wind farms paid $761 million in state and local taxes, plus $289 million in lease payments to farmers and landowners who host wind turbines on their land. To read more, visit the WRI website